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Talk is cheap and it does not solve problems. Start a campaign where it is not cool to be cruel. Make it easy for kids to reach out and find that safe space every child is entitled to have. As a parent, teacher or adult role model you are responsible for every child’s well being. No excuses!

Edie provides interactive prevention programs for angry kids who bully, protection for
kids who are bullied, and answers for parents and teachers seeking guidance to a
serious problem that is responsible for many child and teen suicides. Edie’s coaching
and training programs transform people from fear to empowerment and from anger to

Teacher Training Program


Edie is available for keynotes, half-day and full-day training programs. She also offers a series of training and follow-up coaching via streaming video to sustain growth and manage change. It allows your staff to have access to an expert resource 24/7 to provide answers or raise questions that facilitate understanding and give direction. Investing in an ongoing program is always the best value.

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Coaching Programs for Individuals and Families

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Membership Programs for Group Coaching

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